The Lodge at Old Trail is Getting a New Neighbor

We are so excited to announce that we are getting a new neighbor!  Our owner, David Hilliard, is building The Rutherfoord Hotel in Old Trail Village.

The Rutherfoord, a four-story Boutique Hotel, will be located at the corner of Claremont Lane and Golf Drive.  It will boast 52 beautiful rooms, a restaurant and bar, a large rooftop event space and meeting rooms.

David believes the hotel would benefit the residents of Old Trail and of his senior living community, The Lodge at Old Trail, by providing a place for their loved ones to stay when they visit.  It will also provide the long needed lodging to those couples looking to get married in this scenic part of Western Albemarle.  The Rutherfoord will host such visitors in its large bridal suite and bridal porch.

David will be partnering with Crozet again, to not only bring more jobs to the area, but to work with the various wineries, cideries and breweries to promote the area’s already strong agritourism.  They will work with local vendors on various tours of the area, social events and local offerings in The Rutherfood’s restaurant.

They expect The Rutherfoord to welcome its first visitors in the spring of 2015.

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Design House Preview Returns to The Lodge

On April 17, 2014, The Lodge was pleased to host a Behind the Scenes Look at Design House 2014 as part of its ongoing Third Thursday at The Lodge series.

For the second year in a row, guests, with an interest in interior design, came together to hear about the work and secrets of this year’s Design House and to learn how the essential funds raised support an important not for profit organization – Charlottesville’s Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE).

Designer Sheilah Michaels shared the journey of acquiring her room for this year’s project (the children’s room) and explained how she came up with her color and design plan.  Cartie Lominack, Executive Director of the Shelter for women and their children explained what they do and how their work helps these women in need to launch a new and safer life for themselves.  Their motto Peace Begins at Home is one we can all appreciate and value.

More information can be found including tickets via their Facebook page This year’s Design House runs from May 13 to May18.

If you have never been to a Design House tour, I encourage you to attend. It is inspiring and exciting to view the finished house and meet some of the designers.

Grab some friends or make it a mother-daughter tradition for Mother’s Day.  Either way, it is time well spent, it’s fun and it brings vital support to a worthwhile cause. What could be better than that? See you at Design House 2014!

To learn more about the Shelter for Help in Emergency, go to:
or Design House 2014, go to:

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A Patriotic Morning at The Lodge at Old Trail

On Monday April 14th, with rain clouds threatening, Lodge residents gathered with Old Trail Village neighbors to witness a bright, new American flag and a new Virginia state flag being raised over The Lodge at Old TrailThe American Legion Post 74 Color Guard presided over the ceremony which included a 21 Gun Salute.

Lodge resident Robert Buzzard, an Army World War II veteran and a member of the American Legion Post 74, addressed the crowd with a history of this important and moving ceremony.

Ranging in age from 2 years to 90+ years, the audience joined together to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and then sang The National Anthem and America the Beautiful.

The ceremony was held to retire a previously raised flag, a gift from Virginia Congressman Robert Hurt, which had been flown over the Capital in Richmond, before being raised at The Lodge last year.


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Driving to Work

Every morning I wake, get myself ready, get in the truck, and drive the 8 miles to The Lodge at Old Trail, in Crozet. After the frantic pace of the other places I have lived, including New York City and San Francisco, it seems that driving to work has a whole new meaning.

First, and most important, I don’t consider my time at The Lodge work!

I think I have to rename what I do to… visit.  Yes.  I visit every day at The Lodge, and see the other wonderful visitors there as well.  Not to mention the interesting people that live there. The days are consistently different, with different conversations and actions needed. The conversations are quite incredible, learning about the lives of the residents that live there. I learn not just about their past, but their present and future; their thoughts and ideas on so many different topics.

I digress, because the point of this story is really about the drive to The Lodge.  The Lodge is located just outside of Charlottesville, in the multi-generational community of Old Trail, in the Town of Crozet, VA.

Crozet has its own interests and businesses, but also serves as a bedroom community to Charlottesville.  It is located only 10 miles to the West with expansive views of The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Every day I drive against that traffic.  I find it calming.  It is the wonderful effect of the beautiful countryside I see.   No matter if in snow, rain, or clear sky, it relaxes me.  I drive the speed limit! How many of you actually drive the speed limit on a back road?

Maybe it is the waving that happens between drivers on these roads. I’m not sure if people wave because they think they know me, I mean, I do see them everyday behind the windshield. Or, is it that they are wishing me well, because I am driving in the other direction, the direction as a visitor not a worker.  Either way, I have honed my wave to the slight move of the index finger lifting off the steering wheel pulling the next two fingers of the hand upward to a happy open palm above the steering wheel. Waving and being waved at is a full time occupation on these great back roads of Virginia. But I don’t mind the work.  Actually, it is so much nicer than the single finger wave of some many city folk!

So whether you are working or visiting, think about the people that are driving toward you, and see if the back country road wave brings a smile, or at least lessens the load of the person driving in the other direction.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that The Lodge at Old Trail has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Central & Western Virginia Chapter to form an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group?

The support group is on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 am at The Lodge.  It is facilitated by Alzheimer’s Association staff members and is a great way to form relationships with other caregivers that are caring for loved ones dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Association’s Caregiver Support Groups are designed to provide emotional, educational and social support for caregivers through regularly scheduled meetings. They help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems. The groups encourage caregivers to maintain their own personal, physical and emotional health, as well as care for the person with dementia. 

Please join us for a support group meeting or call for more information.  Suzanne Stephens (co-facilitator) at 434-242-0783.


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Ballerinas and the County Police

The title of the blog this week is a bit of a teaser.  While writing the blog, each time I look at its title, I think it must be a good read on the front page of the Daily Progress or the name of a new sitcom.

Typically, ballerinas and the County Police would be unrelated.  This week, however, they have something in common in that they were both at The Lodge at Old Trail.

Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance. Court musicians and dancers collaborated to provide elaborate entertainment.  A ballet of the Renaissance was a far cry from the form of theatrical entertainment known to audiences today.  Ballet slippers and pointe work were not yet used. The choreography was adapted from court dance steps. Performers dressed in fashions of the times. For women that meant formal gowns that covered their legs to the ankle.  Early ballet was participatory, with the audience joining the dance towards the end. -Wikipedia


The beautiful ballerinas of Crozet Arts shared several of their “Seasons” performances with Lodge residents and staff.

The girls’ ages ranged from 6 to 17, and their experience varied, but they were able to convey so much emotion with their dance, and held their audience captive.


If you would like to see these lovely young ladies for yourself, visit:

To find out more about ballet, visit the NPR website or read Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homan.




Also paying a visit to The Lodge at Old Trail this week was Officer Steve Watson, Crime Prevention Specialist, at the Albemarle County Police Department.  Officer Watson came to conduct a free public workshop to give knowledge of local scams and teach our residents how to avoid falling victim to them.

Officer Watson discussed the mistakes most people make when someone is trying to run a scam.  He also covered the various ways to protect yourself from scams and fraud.  This workshop was sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care and The Lodge at Old Trail.

To get more information, visit:, read the Albemarle County Police Department’s pamphlet on Common Scams and Fraud, or view and print the Scams Against Seniors handout (.pdf).

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St. Paddy’s Day at The Lodge

It was a snowy Monday, as The Lodge at Old Trail residents celebrated the holiday that signifies the start to Spring.  Strange that we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an Irish Holiday when the real St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish. He was born in Britain around 390 A.D. to a Christian family.

At 16, Patrick was kidnapped and sent overseas to tend sheep as a slave for seven years in the mountainous countryside of Ireland.  He escaped and returned to his family in Britain only to get ordained as a priest from a bishop, and went back to spend the rest of his life trying to convert the Irish to Christianity. Nothing good came of that as he was not treated well by the residents of the island.

St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 AD.  Folk lore eventually grew about Patrick and he was later honored as the patron saint of Ireland.

Fast forward to 2014 where Lodge residents kicked off their St. Patrick’s Day festivities the right way, with bagpiper, James “Jim” Bond.   Jim entertained all of The Lodge residents and staff and made himself available to answer questions about traditional Irish music, the bagpipes, and his kilt.

Lodge Chef, Jesse Kaylor, prepared a traditional Irish dinner with a Guinness beef stew and Corned beef and cabbage.

Happy Hour in Gregg’s Pub had Irish whiskey and Guinness for those wanting to partake.

A leprechaun was even spotted with some of the Piedmont Assisted Living residents.

Interested in more information about St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick, shamrocks or snakes in Ireland?  If so, check out the National Geographic website.  If you are interested in more information about The Lodge, visit our website, give us a call at 434.823.9100, or email

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So Much to Say…

The Lodge at Old Trail doesn’t just publish its own newsletter,
The Blue Truck Express. There is also a publication designed, written, and edited by our very own Lodge residents, known as The Lodger.

The Lodger is produced every two months and contains interesting articles such as the Resident Focus and Staffer Spotlight that both give keen insight to our wonderful residents and staff.  You can catch up on all that you have missed by visiting our News and Press Releases page.

March’s issue of The Lodger is now posted.  Happy Reading!

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Getting back to it!

Well, after 1 year of not writing on this blog, it is time to re-engage.  We haven’t had the opportunity to write because we have been so busy at The Lodge with all of our new residents moving in, coupled with our continuous events.

Our Independent Living Residents in The Ridges, Piedmont Assisted Living and Seasons Memory Care neighborhoods all have a full schedule of activities provided by our amazing Life Enrichment staff.

We also act as a community gathering place when we host our monthly Third Thursday events.  We have hosted authors, wine makers and story tellers, and have shared all of it with the surrounding community.  Visit our website for more information on The Lodge or Lodge events.

Also, take the opportunity to visit our other blog:  It focuses on the life of seniors in Charlottesville.  We will be posting helpful and informative pieces from Lodge team members and residents.  Take a moment to look at past posts and continue to check back regularly.

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Fear of the things you don’t know or are not good at!

Did you ever put something off because you didn’t know the right way to do something? Maybe because you weren’t good at it? Maybe because you just didn’t understand it and didn’t want to try and fail? There are so many reasons why we don’t do something. Everyday we make excuses to not change, but to stay the same. It is such a short life, might as well try something new, try something that is not comfortable, who knows maybe by trying, by opening a new door you will have many more doors to open afterward. As my father always says ” Failure is not, not succeeding, but rather never trying!”
Well, its taken me 3 months to write another post to my blog and three different times today to write this simple little paragrapgh. I started at 6 when I came in and now as I watch some of the workers leaving our Community I notice it is 5:00. I am not a good writer, I can’t spell, even with spell check. When I click on a word to make sure it is spelled right, it doesn’t come up with options, it comes up by saying, ” No Suggestion”! I can’t tell you how many times I have to change a sentence around so that I can use a different word.

I am writting this post today because I just don’t feel comfortable doing it, but I know that if I try it again and again I will be more accustomed to it and eventually I will like it. I also felt compelled to write this today because of the many people that are also changing. The many future residents of The Lodge at Old Trail are also doing things that are not easy, nor probably fun. They are looking through there house and seeing that they have sometimes over 40 years of possesions to weed through. I hear all the time, ” what should I throw away, what should I keep, what should I give to my children, goodwill, or auction.” The Lodge hosted a Downsizing Event 2 weeks ago that over 140 people showed up to learn more. We had 5 different experts talk about the real estate market, the way to downsize, to sort, to auction, even a great getlemen talking about actually packing and moving. I learned a lot as I feel most of the people who attended did. I was asked to go on a radio show about downsizing after our event because even if you are not moving, taking care of your house and your things is always cosumming. If we can just take one step at a time we can work through anything. Our thoughts can turn to reality.
I look out my office window and see my beautiful new Community The Lodge at Old trail, almost complete. If I had listend to other people , if I didn’t keep trying things out of my comfort zone, this new Community in the middle of a multi generational community would have never been built. Whether it is cleaning out a closet, trying new food, meeting new friends, building a 186,000 sq ft Community or even writting this grammitically incorrect, mispelled post on this blog, if you don’t try you will never know if you can do it.

As my Father said, ” Failure is not, not succeeding, but rather not trying!”

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