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  1. Construction Pictures for New Senior Living Community

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    I will begin adding pictures of the construction of The Lodge at Old Trail, Senior Living Community in Charlottesville, VA so you can see the progress. As most of you know it has been raining. This slows the process of building down when we are in the begining phases. We have all the footings in around the building and all the pier footings done. We are now building the walls of the basement. The first section of wall, 180 feet long, was poured several weeks ago. These pictures attached are of the next 180 feet that was poured last week.

    The Lodge at Old Trail, Senior Living Community
    The Wall, Lodge At Old Trail, Senior Living Community
  2. New Community, The Lodge at Old Trail

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       I am not a blogger but I am going to learn to be one. I want to reach out to some of you and tell you what is happening in Old Trail Village in Crozet VA.  This will be the first of many writtings about going through the process of developing a new Community and also what I am trying to create within the Community to make it a vibrant part of a multi generation area at Old Trail Village.

    The short of it is I am building a Senior Living Community with a continuum of care. I will be offering apartments to rent with all of the costs in that monthly rent. The apartments are very large 1 and 2 bedrooms with full kitchens and walk in closet and balcony. When your parents need more care we have Personal Care apartments that are actually the same size as the Residential apartments, which we call the Ridges due to the beautiful view of The Blue Ridge Mountains, but without the full kitchens. We also have Memory Care, The Seasons,  if that is something that one needs. We have a high end restaurant, a pub and deli, also a full time activity coordinator along with a health and wellness program, along with many other amenities.

     More than what we offer is what I believe for my Community. I believe that seniors, our parents, should be the center of the community, not on the fringes. Sometimes in our Country when a person reaches a certain age and no longer works in a defined job our public pushes them to the side and doesn’t look for the advice and wisdom that these people have. I am building this Community to help and try and change that.

    For example in corporate America, when a man or woman retires the people that take over their job feels that they know how to do everything better while in contrast  a musician or artist that is older all younger people want to learn from them. In a day when the community lived in closer proximity to each other the grand children would always build a strong relationship with the grandparents, the children of would ask advice from dad in the afternoon or they would cook with their mother while the kids played outside.  At the Lodge we are building right near the Village Center so that you could come by and pick up your Mom and take her over to see your children or go get your hair done, maybe meet your dad to play golf or see them at the local coffee shop in the morning after dropping the kids at school. There is a ACAC gym right near our front door so you could or one could walk, meet them there or actually by happenstance just run into them.  A smile always comes to face when a chance meeting occurs. Because we are right in the middle of the community things don’t always have to be planned like going to the house off the beaten track. Its not a chore to see them but a pleasure.

      This is the idea of creating a vibrant Community within a Community, a multi-generational Community, actually not an idea but a reality as building has already begun.

    Please feel free to comment on your thoughts of what a vibrant Community, what a Muilti Generational Community should look like.