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  1. “I didn’t want to have my mouth full!”

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    Today a great friend of mine, Leonard Harris, and my mother’s boyfriend of over 35 years died. I called him Uncle Woo as did my children, but that is a different story about him.

    We are all born and we all die, that is the truth of it. I sit here and remember how knowledgeable he was. If you didn’t know the title to a song all you had to do was say a couple of words from the song and he would tell you. He was a Broadway theater critic for many years. If you asked him who was the welter weight champ of 1953 he would describe him to you and the fight were he became the champ. Amazing what was in that mind. I will also remember how when my kids were young how he read stories to them, there are so many wonderful memories of him that I think it doesn’t even feel like a memory but just another story like it was yesterday.

    But truly his must loveable trait, besides his incredible love for my Mom, was his humor. So to leave you with a better understanding of who he was . . .

    A man calls his Mom, ” Mom how are you?” ” Fine” the mother answers. The man replies” you don’t sound well.” ” Well, its true I feel sort of weak.” ” Why are you weak?, ” because I haven’t eaten in over 26 days.” The son replies ” Why haven’t you eaten?”

    “Because I didn’t want to have my mouth full when you called!”

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  2. Moving Again

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    senior community - squirrel

    Started this morning at 6, moving from the construction trailer on our emerging senior community to an office in the Village Center at Old Trail in Crozet, VA. I am going to miss the noise and action from the boys at MB Contractors. Junebug, the site manager, said he never saw a squirrel he didn’t like……to eat! His son George, or Stingbug. Big Eddie and Ryan. So if you are reading this, come by and ask for a hardhat tour and give me a reason to go the 75 yards to see them at the site.