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  1. The Launch of The Lodge at Old Trail

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    On September 22nd, The Lodge at Old Trail finally said hello to the public. Even though we will not open our new Senior Living Community until next spring we held an event. Over 150 people attended. The many friends of The Lodge were made up from all walks of life and all generations were present.
    We were grateful to have several Pastors from our local church’s and honored to have Rev. Chuch Mullaly speak to our crowd. After which, our 25th Delegate, Steve Landes spoke followed by Ann Mallek. Both mentioned how important The Lodge will be in helping our Community of Crozet bring our Seniors back into the middle of our Community.
    Following this event, The Lodge at Old Trail will be having an event every third thursday. Look at our web site for upcoming events,
    On Oct 20th we are honored to have Gabriele Rausse, The Monticello wine maker speak. The month after, November 17th, Phil James, the author of The Secrets of The Blue Ridge will speak.
    Below are several pictures the Launch for The Lodge at Old Trail, truly a Community located in the middle of the Multi Generational Community of Old Trail Village.

    Chief Williamson, Chief Eggleston
    Friends of The Lodge at Old Trail
    The Rev speaking to our Community.
    gathering for the Launch at Old Trail
    Many friends of The Lodge
    Steve Landes, Ann Mallek ,Jerry McDonald,David Hilliard
    Friends of The Lodge at Old Trail
    Multi generational community
    Little girl taking a rest on our 1946 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup