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  1. Fear of the things you don’t know or are not good at!


    Did you ever put something off because you didn’t know the right way to do something? Maybe because you weren’t good at it? Maybe because you just didn’t understand it and didn’t want to try and fail? There are so many reasons why we don’t do something. Everyday we make excuses to not change, but to stay the same. It is such a short life, might as well try something new, try something that is not comfortable, who knows maybe by trying, by opening a new door you will have many more doors to open afterward. As my father always says ” Failure is not, not succeeding, but rather never trying!”
    Well, its taken me 3 months to write another post to my blog and three different times today to write this simple little paragrapgh. I started at 6 when I came in and now as I watch some of the workers leaving our Community I notice it is 5:00. I am not a good writer, I can’t spell, even with spell check. When I click on a word to make sure it is spelled right, it doesn’t come up with options, it comes up by saying, ” No Suggestion”! I can’t tell you how many times I have to change a sentence around so that I can use a different word.

    I am writting this post today because I just don’t feel comfortable doing it, but I know that if I try it again and again I will be more accustomed to it and eventually I will like it. I also felt compelled to write this today because of the many people that are also changing. The many future residents of The Lodge at Old Trail are also doing things that are not easy, nor probably fun. They are looking through there house and seeing that they have sometimes over 40 years of possesions to weed through. I hear all the time, ” what should I throw away, what should I keep, what should I give to my children, goodwill, or auction.” The Lodge hosted a Downsizing Event 2 weeks ago that over 140 people showed up to learn more. We had 5 different experts talk about the real estate market, the way to downsize, to sort, to auction, even a great getlemen talking about actually packing and moving. I learned a lot as I feel most of the people who attended did. I was asked to go on a radio show about downsizing after our event because even if you are not moving, taking care of your house and your things is always cosumming. If we can just take one step at a time we can work through anything. Our thoughts can turn to reality.
    I look out my office window and see my beautiful new Community The Lodge at Old trail, almost complete. If I had listend to other people , if I didn’t keep trying things out of my comfort zone, this new Community in the middle of a multi generational community would have never been built. Whether it is cleaning out a closet, trying new food, meeting new friends, building a 186,000 sq ft Community or even writting this grammitically incorrect, mispelled post on this blog, if you don’t try you will never know if you can do it.

    As my Father said, ” Failure is not, not succeeding, but rather not trying!”