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  1. Let’s Play Word Association

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    Let’s play word association.

    When I say “campfire,” you say… “marshmallow.”  When I said “spooky,” you say “ghost.”

    The combination of those words just means one thing… a REALLY good time.  There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire, crisping up your marshmallows and being scared to look behind you for what may be lurking in the shadows.  A good ghost story can make you sleepless for days.

    Ghost storiesGhost-Stories-940x626 have existed since ancient times. The concept began over two thousand years ago.  Most cultures believe that a person’s soul or spirit exists independently of his or her body, and continues to be present after death. It is thought that these ghosts appear because they have unfinished business on earth.

    The U.S. is a country that has always been full of ghostly lore. According to a Gallup poll conducted this year, 37% of Americans believe in ghosts.

    Native Americans would tell spirit stories around campfires as a way to instill values, strengthen their history, and help preserve their culture. Most of these stories involved morals aimed at making the younger members of the community think about their actions and decisions.

    Urban legends are our modern versions of folklore; they change as our world changes, but still echo our fears and provide us with an ethical message couched in a cautionary tale, warning us about what could happen if we take something too far.

    Ghost stories offer us a way to be frightened but still maintain control over our lives. They help us to bond with others, sharing stories and fears that will end when the story is finished.

    Oct TT 1

    Join us on October 16th as Kathy Coleman, called one of the distinct “Voices of America” by the Smithsonian, visits The Lodge and recites her own ghost tales and legends of the Blue Ridge and the Old Dominion.  The fright, I mean night, begins at 5:30pm.  There are only a few openings left, so join us… if you dare.