Ballerinas and the County Police

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The title of the blog this week is a bit of a teaser.  While writing the blog, each time I look at its title, I think it must be a good read on the front page of the Daily Progress or the name of a new sitcom.

Typically, ballerinas and the County Police would be unrelated.  This week, however, they have something in common in that they were both at The Lodge at Old Trail.

Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance. Court musicians and dancers collaborated to provide elaborate entertainment.  A ballet of the Renaissance was a far cry from the form of theatrical entertainment known to audiences today.  Ballet slippers and pointe work were not yet used. The choreography was adapted from court dance steps. Performers dressed in fashions of the times. For women that meant formal gowns that covered their legs to the ankle.  Early ballet was participatory, with the audience joining the dance towards the end. –Wikipedia


The beautiful ballerinas of Crozet Arts shared several of their “Seasons” performances with Lodge residents and staff.

The girls’ ages ranged from 6 to 17, and their experience varied, but they were able to convey so much emotion with their dance, and held their audience captive.


If you would like to see these lovely young ladies for yourself, visit:

To find out more about ballet, visit the NPR website or read Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homan.




Also paying a visit to The Lodge at Old Trail this week was Officer Steve Watson, Crime Prevention Specialist, at the Albemarle County Police Department.  Officer Watson came to conduct a free public workshop to give knowledge of local scams and teach our residents how to avoid falling victim to them.

Officer Watson discussed the mistakes most people make when someone is trying to run a scam.  He also covered the various ways to protect yourself from scams and fraud.  This workshop was sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care and The Lodge at Old Trail.

To get more information, visit:, read the Albemarle County Police Department’s pamphlet on Common Scams and Fraud, or view and print the Scams Against Seniors handout (.pdf).

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  1. Angela Shaw

    I attended the performance by Crozet Arts and was thoroughly impressed. The young ladies were not only graceful in their movements but well behaved and very professional when they weren’t on stage. I think my favorite part was watching the faces of the residents light up during the recital. They were all so happy! Kudos to The Lodge at Old Trail for a delightful afternoon!

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