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  1. Local Interior Designers Support Victims of Domestic Violence

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    The Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE) is a not-for-profit organization in Charlottesville, Virginia providing comprehensive services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

    In 2009, a vision for establishing a major fundraising event to help sustain the Shelter’s residential facilities operations and outreach established the Design House event.

    The Lodge at Old Trail supports this endeavor by annually showcasing Design House in a preview event as a part of our Third Thursday series.  On Thursday, April 16th, at 5:30pm, The Lodge will host a member of the Design House 2015 team to discuss what went into creating this year’s featured home.

    The idea for a Design House to benefit SHE had its roots in the new emergency residential shelter opened in 2008. As the first facility designed specifically for victims of domestic violence in our community, it was important that the shelter should be bright, airy and welcoming.

    For most of us, that ideal is the essence of our concept of “home.” At home, we all seek to be comforted and nurtured. At home, we open our hearts. And each year, a Charlottesville-area homeowner opens their heart and generously extends the use of his or her residence for the Design House event. Designers and their vendors assigned to individual rooms and spaces showcase their talents and the latest in interior design styles and techniques. The result is a unique tour for visitors, where each room reflects a designer’s creative vision and provides endless and inspiring ideas for the home.

    The Shelter offers a variety of services designed to empower victims of domestic violence and create a community of support. Every year they respond to nearly 1,000 hotline calls, provide close to 4,000 nights of safe shelter to more than 200 women and children and assist many other victims of domestic violence through outreach services.

    Shelter services include:

    • 24-hour crisis hotline
    • 24-hour emergency shelter
    • Supportive individual and group counseling
    • Case management
    • Child and adolescent advocacy
    • Information and referrals
    • Court accompaniment & legal advocacy
    • Outreach and support to the Spanish-speaking community
    • Community education & allied professional training

    For more information about SHE, contact them at

    To find out more about Design House and how it benefits SHE, please join us on Thursday, April 16th at 5:30pm and see what the amazing designers have in store for you as we gain insight into Design House 2015.

  2. Let it Snow!

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    The snow is falling again in Central Virginia and if you are safe inside, it is absolutely magical.  It makes most people want a fire, a good book and a hot toddy.   Thank goodness for the residents at The Lodge, we can provide all three.

    Our entry foyer fireplace stays ablaze on cold days.  It is a wonderful gathering spot for those looking to read a book, knit, play cards with friends, or just people watch.

    Gregg’s Pub is a full service bar and can provide any spirit to lift your spirits.  It is host to monthly cocktail parties and informal lunches with residents and families.


    The library is the perfect place to grab a good mystery or romance.  You can find a cozy seat in there or venture off to your own special spot.  There are many spaces to make your own even outside of your apartment.

    WEB - Priority Waitlist header pic

    Call our Director of Marketing, Kristina Paré, for a tour so you can pick your favorite spot! 434.823.9100

  3. 4th Annual Definitive Downsizing Workshop

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    We are proud to announce that several local experts will join us at The Lodge at Old Trail, on Thursday, February 19th to give invaluable information for anyone planning toFeb TTdownsize their home.  We have an outstanding line-up of trusted individuals in their fields.

    Denise Ramey from Denise Ramey Real Estate Co. at Long & Foster Realty will talk about the Spring Real Estate Market Forecast, how to prepare your home to compete with others on the market, and the value of staging and moving out of your home during the sales process.

    Liz Blankenship from Stage to Sell will describe how to transform your home from “yours” to “buyer friendly.”

    Ken Farmer will be here from Quinn & Farmer Auctions to demystify auction houses by discussing how they work, what has value (and what doesn’t) and online sales vs in-house sales.

    Katie Hamman from Door to Door Solutions will discuss how to organize, declutter and rightsize your “stuff.”

    Eddie Giles, owner of Professional Movers, Inc., provides amazing information on how to choose a mover, what to expect, contractual obligations, packing fragile items, and insurance.

    Don’t miss this valuable presentation. Seating is limited and this event fills up very quickly.  This workshop is offered at a special time — 2:00PM.  Be sure to RSVP to or 434.823.9100.

  4. The Art of Belly Dancing

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    The winding history of belly dance as an art form is a fascinating tale of ancient folk dances, customs, and traditions of the Middle East under the influence of Hollywood, capitalism, and the west’s vision of “exotic lands.”











    Belly dancing
    is believed to have had a long history in the Middle East, but reliable evidence about its origins is scarce, and accounts of its history are often highly speculative. Several Greek and Roman sources including Juvenal and Martial describe dancers from Asia Minor and Spain using undulating movements, playing castanets, and sinking to the floor with ‘quivering thighs,’ descriptions that are certainly suggestive of the movements that we today associate with belly dance.  Later, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, European travelers in the Middle East wrote extensively of the dancers they saw there.


    Daughter of resident Sue Renard, Aurel, entranced Lodge residents with her one-woman seminar exploring the roots of belly dance using music samples, folkloric dance demonstrations, old-world dance props, as well as handouts illustrating some of belly dance’s pivotal characters and how they impacted the development of this mis-understood art form.

    About Aurel

    Aurel’s performances are known for imparting non-stop sparkle, fluent musicality, snake-like execution, laser sharp accents, and joy to her dance-loving fans from all ethnicities. Her talents have connected her with audiences at Middle Eastern Dance Festivals, 5-star weddings, elegant restaurants, wellness events, private parties, universities, and other fine venues throughout the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, and Egypt.  Aurel’s education in music, classical dance forms, acting and directing comes from fine institutions, such as, the Empire Institute of Performing Arts in New York state, The Boston Conservatory of Music, and The Berklee College of Music.












    For booking information or to take belly dance classes with  Aurel visit


  5. Let’s Play Word Association

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    Let’s play word association.

    When I say “campfire,” you say… “marshmallow.”  When I said “spooky,” you say “ghost.”

    The combination of those words just means one thing… a REALLY good time.  There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire, crisping up your marshmallows and being scared to look behind you for what may be lurking in the shadows.  A good ghost story can make you sleepless for days.

    Ghost storiesGhost-Stories-940x626 have existed since ancient times. The concept began over two thousand years ago.  Most cultures believe that a person’s soul or spirit exists independently of his or her body, and continues to be present after death. It is thought that these ghosts appear because they have unfinished business on earth.

    The U.S. is a country that has always been full of ghostly lore. According to a Gallup poll conducted this year, 37% of Americans believe in ghosts.

    Native Americans would tell spirit stories around campfires as a way to instill values, strengthen their history, and help preserve their culture. Most of these stories involved morals aimed at making the younger members of the community think about their actions and decisions.

    Urban legends are our modern versions of folklore; they change as our world changes, but still echo our fears and provide us with an ethical message couched in a cautionary tale, warning us about what could happen if we take something too far.

    Ghost stories offer us a way to be frightened but still maintain control over our lives. They help us to bond with others, sharing stories and fears that will end when the story is finished.

    Oct TT 1

    Join us on October 16th as Kathy Coleman, called one of the distinct “Voices of America” by the Smithsonian, visits The Lodge and recites her own ghost tales and legends of the Blue Ridge and the Old Dominion.  The fright, I mean night, begins at 5:30pm.  There are only a few openings left, so join us… if you dare.