Welcome to The Lodge At Old Trail!

Senior Walking Dog, Charlottesville Senior Living
Senior Walking Dog, The Lodge At Old Trail, Senior Living Community

Welcome to The Lodge at Old Trail, Charlottesville’s premier senior living community! Spring is only days away. Our treasured seniors (and their dogs) love to enjoy spring’s beauty on one of our leisure paths. Please bookmark us and return often for exciting information on exciting senior community living opportunities here in Charlottesville.

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  1. Carter Hilliard

    I must say I am very proud of my brother! David is an older brother and best friend and I have have been a part of this project from the begining. David has worked effortlessly for the past 4 years to make The Lodge at Old Trail a reality and he has accomplished this dream. He knows senior living and he understands people. I think this is and excellent project with an operator. Congrat’s Buddy and nice job with your first BLOG entry!!!

  2. David Foulk

    The dream is alive!! Congrats to David Hilliard for making this dream a reality…it was a labor of love and the hard work paid off. I look forward to seeing the progress and the successful completion of this project.



  3. Dan

    What a refreshing and sincere approach to creating this awesome communtiy David. It is one of the most beautiful locations within the Old Trail Village development, with so much for everyone to do the residents will find being part of a vibrant community such as The Lodge at Old Trail, will be easy and fulfilling. I love working on this project!

  4. BBT

    Congratulations to David Hilliard and his associates. Old Trail is a wonderful place to live…for all ages. The idea of having the opportunity for our parents or grandparents to live right here in our midst is wonderful and is sure to be successful.

  5. Loni J. Conley-WM

    David, I mentioned to you that my wife was from NY state. I don’t think I mentioned that she is the head baker at Chandler’s bakery in Charlottesville. Chandlers is owned by the Muchirino family. The next time we get together, I will bring you a dozen of what they call butter rolls. You can be the judge.

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