Today at The Lodge at Old Trail Senior Community construction site we are putting steel framing in. The steel has been arriving the last couple of days. We have two cranes about to do the heavy lifting. The foundations are all poured and basement walls for the underground parking are up and ready to support the steel beams. We will put all the beams in place and then put the decking on and pour some more cement for the main floor. Martin Brothers Contractors have been doing a great job pulling all of this together and on time, even with all this rain.
We have over fifty workers on the site today and more will be coming in the next few weeks. Its nice to know that while building The Lodge at Old Trail, a Senior Living Community, that is needed and wanted in this area, that we are also providing hundreds of jobs. A win win! Please feel free to come out and bring the kids to watch the cranes work.


  1. Helen Hilliard

    WOW! This is great to see……. you are doing a great job. I have a feeling you are watching those cranes with the same excitement and awe that a little kid would feel.

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